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Buy or Sell Scrap Cars in Nigeria

Do you have an old car in the garage that is not repairable? Or you have a damaged car due of serous road accident you had in the past? Stop wasting your time and money trying to fix such car to original condition! It is not all cars that can be fixed or resell. Your junk car can be a replaceable automotive spare parts to other operating vehicles on the road. Save up to 30% off your old car worth today. Sell your scrap cars and trucks, accident vehicles, obsolete vans, condemned buses, wrecked SUV or used auto parts at Car Parts Online Store. We buy used cars and quality parts for any vehicle make and model at a very good price.

Are you looking for scrap cars for sale in Nigeria, where to buy scrap cars in Nigeria or where to buy late-model spare parts that are scare near you? We have the parts you are looking for in our online and offline marketplace. Contact us now and tell us more about the vehicle part you need to buy and we’ll be glad to help you find it. You will get what you’re looking for at much lower prices. We are a team of growing network of scrap metal dealers in Nigeria, auto breakers, auto wreckers, auto recyclers, disassembler, local scrap yards in Nigeria that stock vehicle parts for different years of vehicles.

Buy or Sell Scrap Cars in Nigeria

How to Buy or Sell Scrap Cars in Nigeria

#1. Submit Full Car Details

Do you have cheap Nigeria used cars for sale? To sell it, first contact us now with full details of your second-hand used cars or parts to get a cash quote from our recycling dealers, special brokers and scrap buyers in Nigeria.

We will verify your vehicle history with the federal vehicle administration records and/or insurance company (where necessary) to check if the car has been in a robbery investigation list. This information will give us the first hand  evidence to proceed with your cash for car sales request.

#2. Verify Car Ownership

Do you have 300k cars in Nigeria, or cars below 500, 000 in Nigeria or above? You can verify your vehicle ownership by sending us the scanned copies of the salvaged vehicle particulars and registration documents for examination.

Other documentation that must be submitted when you plan to sell a car, scrap car batteries, unwanted radiator or spare tires to a junk yard include a copy of your National ID Card, traffic permit (license) and proof of address.

#3. Schedule Inspection

We buy damaged cars for sale in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and across other locations in Nigeria. You can arrange for physical inspection of the metal, steel, aluminum or whole used car part nationwide. You can tow your scrapped vehicle parts to our used auto salvage yard near you. Click here to Sell Auto Parts and Services now.

In some scenarios, we may buy a broken-down vehicle direct from the accident site, damaged cars due to flood from road or city where the owner left it and remove or dismantle the vehicle to save usable parts that are still functional.

#4. Get Value Payment

For all your dead or old broken-down cars or junk vehicles, you can accept our offer and get cash payment for your mechanic scraped vehicles or used parts within 24 hours. We may offer free towing and pickup services so you don’t have to warry about anything.

We offer best price for cars and all parts. Nevertheless, how much you can get for selling your scab car depends on the car make and model, its manufactured year, mileage, and the severity of damage sustained.