Today, we will lean the top 20 Car Trading Websites in Nigeria where you can find the best car deals. These sites were carefully chosen and rigorously selected by our team to give you up-to-date reviews on the automotive trading activities in Nigeria and other related services offered by these online platforms.

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Top 20 Car Trading Websites in Nigeria


#1. Cars45

Cars45 is one of the online marketplaces to find the best auto deals in Nigeria. With Cars45, you can get your deal done in nothing less than 45 minutes. Cars45 is very much efficient with a trustworthy guarantee to give you the best deals anywhere in Nigeria.

Apart from the buying and selling of cars, you can literally do other thing you want to do like
get a free car inspection in 45 minutes, fix your car and even get across to other dealers around the website.


#2. Carpartsonline 

Car Parts Online Store is a reliable place to shop everything auto online, such as new and used cars and car accessories. This site connects ready to buy customers with verified sellers together on a mutual auto business transactions. We provide vehicle history search to help you verify used cars in Nigeria before buying.

Our cars are inspected for quality assurance, zero mechanical faults and buyers’ peace of mind. With CarPartsOnline.Ng, you can buy used vehicle or auto parts at reasonable prices. Contact our registered auto sellers now to help you find the car or part you want.


#3. Betacar

Betacar is an e-commerce automotive platform redefining the way car buying should be done in Nigeria. Their vision is to be Nigeria’s most preferred destination for online car buyers. They make sure you find the best cars you need at the best possible prices.

According to this site, they use the power of technology to bring you the best used cars at the click of a button. You can buy car in Nigeria and pay later with their flexible and affordable car loan services.


#4. Jiji Nigeria is one of the famous and most trusted classified ecommerce websites in Nigeria; where you can buy the cheapest used cars in Nigeria. The site is making car deals easier for buyers and sellers alike. Jiji is an online marketplace where people can visit at any point in time to get the best possible car deals available for sale.

Jiji houses different varieties of auto products from the rightful owners all across Nigeria. The website too also teaches people on how to execute a deal and make money by selling their used items via the website.


#5. Auto check Africa

Auto check is another top-notch online car trading website in Nigeria. Auto check are into buying and selling of both fairly used cars and new cars. This site also provides an avenue where buyers can access automobile facilities all over the country via its 24/7 online availability.

With autochek, anyone can purchase any car online. Even if you are a salary earner, looking at purchasing a brand car but don’t have the resources to do so, autochek can help you get the best car online with its car financing services.



Olist is one of the top rated car trading websites in Nigeria. It is a trusted free online classifieds marketplace that is connecting real sellers to real buyer. This website enables you to search and purchase different varieties of cars ranging from brand new to fairly used cars.

OList is also very much versatile in nature. The website advises its users to be very careful when dealing with car dealers so as not to fall victim to fraudulent people. Here, you can find new and fairly used and Tokunbo cars for sale in Nigeria at the best prices.


#7. Autoauctionmall

Auto Auction Mall is Copart’s Authorized Representative in Nigeria and they specialized in helping you buy cars from US dealer online. They offer professional assistance in finding, buying and shipping a car from USA to Nigeria.

Founded in 1982 with a single salvage yard in California, Copart has grown into a global leader and the premier source for online vehicle auctions with their online auction platform which connects buyers and sellers around the world.


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#8. Naijauto

Naija Auto Portal is another auto dealership website in Nigeria where you can find good local deals. The company connects buyers and sellers via multiple information channels: web, facebook, youtube, etc and serve the whole Nigerian community with different car related information such as car reviews, car listings, car events and auto news.


#9. Carmart

Carmart is an online marketplace for car deals. It is a trustworthy site for car deals all across Nigeria. One thing that makes carmart amazing is that, they are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

It does not matter whether you know anything about buying a car or not, with carmart, buyers and sellers can trade directly with each other. Carmart is very much reliable and trusted platform in Nigeria as anyone can log into the website and access any information about any car dealer available online to trade with.


#10. Tokunbocars

If you are looking for a good car selling website where you can find the best deals available in the country, you can check out Tokunbocars.

Tokunbocars is Nigeria’s no.1 website for foreign used vehicle or otherwise known as Tokunbo cars. They offer the most flexible, reliable and affordable purchasing options for imported used cars from the United States, UK and Canada.


#11. Carxus

Carxus is another car trading website in Nigeria and Ghana where you don’t only buy cars for sale; you can also buy other motor vehicles on this website; such as boats, motorcycles, trucks, and trailers. The carxus is very versatile for those looking for one stop shop for everything automobile goods and services that suit their needs. is a leading internet portal designed for online vehicle shoppers. The website offers easy to use online solutions to buy and sell cars, trucks, boats and various vehicle equipment all over the world.



This is another place to find the best cars for sale in Nigeria from local dealers. You can browse through all car categories and check out the most popular cars in Nigeria; including the best-selling and cheapest cars for sale in Nigeria, with their prices online.

They provide expert reviews of latest cars, trucks, crossovers, Sedans, and SUVs; including high definition (HD) vehicles pictures and video to help you research, compare vehicles, and make the right purchase decisions.


#13. Jumia Auto Deals

Jumia Auto is online marketplace where you can buy or sell your used and second-hand cars in Nigeria. Here, you can buy cheap cars for sale in Nigeria ranging from Toyota cars, Subaru cars, Nissan cars and Mercedes cars.

Jumia is a Pan-African ecommerce company that was launched in Nigeria in 2012 and expanded to five other countries, such as Egypt, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Kenya and South Africa. In 2014, the company launched offices in Tunisia, Tanzania, Ghana, Cameroon, Algeria and Uganda, and by 2018 it was present in 14 African countries.

This online shopping website is built around a marketplace, logistics service and payment service. The logistics service enables the delivery of packages through a network of local partners while the payment services facilitate the payments of online transactions within Jumia’s ecosystem.


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#14. Affordable Cars

Affordable cars is among the best car dealer websites in Nigeria. If you are into car deals, you definitely must have heard of affordable cars. Affordable cars were founded in the year 1997 with various and numerous offices around the country.

With their reputation in the industry of car dealing, affordable cars are a top priority for people looking for car deals around the country. They offer premium quality after sales services for all their brands customers.


#15. Spicyauto

Spicyauto is an online car marketplace committed to connecting buyer with their verified sellers on the web. They offer a superior experience, creating transparency for everyone, providing rapid delivery and stellar customer service.

They offer a trusted, reliable and cost-effective online marketplace for the widest range of quality vehicles for sale in Nigeria. And do not sell cars directly but, offer a state-of-the-art advertising medium for users, car dealers, importers and individual sellers to buy and sell their cars, vans, bikes, trucks and other vehicles.


#16. Carnaija

According to this website, they are the leading online automotive marketplace in Nigeria. Carnaija is the first online cars classifieds website in Nigeria. Here, you can easily and quickly buy and sell cars, motorbikes and trucks in Nigeria.

If you want to buy a car, a motorcycle or a truck in Nigeria, in cities like Lagos, Surulere, Abuja, Kuje, Ifako or others, and only have a small budget, you will find the best choices on this website. From small city cars to 4×4 SUV’s, they have thousands of vehicles, for any budget.


#17. Globemotors

Globe Motors is a trusted auto dealer company in Nigeria that specialized in sales and maintenances of new vehicles. The office is located at 635 Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island. Their Auto Workshop provides automotive repair and maintenance services.

The company offers best-in-class services using fully computerized processes and genuine spare parts for each of Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Higer and Hyundai.


#18. Cheki Nigeria is another popular car sale website in Nigeria with physical office presence in major cities in Nigeria line Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt Nigeria. The website was acquired by autocheck in 2020.

As a reliable online platform to sell or buy used cars in Nigeria, this site worked in collaboration with traditional car dealers around Nigeria. Using this platform, you can gain access to thousands of car dealers’ information to enable you to get the best deal available.


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#19. Nigeria Car Mart

If you are looking for a preferred place to shop for cars, Nigeria car mart is a rightful place to make deals. Nigeria Car Mart is an online marketplace for cars. Just as the name implies, it is also a reputable place to get the best deals when you are shopping for cars online.

How does Nigeria Car Mart work, it enables you to input the brand of car you want, and your preferred price, then the system automatically scans for the best possible deal for you to make your shopping.


#20. Toyotanigeria

Toyota Nigeria Limited is the sole distributor of Toyota Motor Corporation Japan. They market Toyota vehicles specifically made for Nigeria through its 7 accredited dealers across the nation.

Here, you will get genuine Toyota spare parts for every vehicle model imported and marketed by Toyota (Nigeria) Limited. Their mission is to provide the ultimate auto brand experience through a strong dealer network that is driven by an excellent relationship with stakeholders.


#21. Carnotautomart

Are you looking for where to find new or used cars for sale in Nigeria? Carnotautomart is one of the Nigeria’s largest digital automotive marketplaces. According to this website, they sit at the heart of the Nigeria’s vehicle and parts buying process. You can also find and hire qualified auto mechanic, certified drivers in Nigeria, vulcaniser, mobile car wash, online car diagnostic and book towing vehicles on this site.

Carnotautomart do not buy or sell any vehicles itself, they help vehicle retailers and spare parts dealers to sell their vehicular products faster and cheaper. The marketplace brings engaged consumer audience to a pool of vehicle sellers who are listing various cars and spare parts for sale each day.


Wrapping up: 20 Best Car Trading Websites in Nigeria

Buying a car can never be a liability if you make the right vehicle purchase decision from the start. This post provides a comprehensive list of best car trading websites in Nigeria. Although, there are other websites where cars can be bought online in Nigeria. This car buying guideline is designed to give you the top go to places to get the best car deals online in Nigeria.

Our website: is bringing you the best vehicle buying information you need in your next car and car parts purchases. You can find authentic information regards getting your favorite auto deals available anywhere in Nigeria here.

Cars are great necessity to our daily activities and having the best affordable car will help boost our productivity. When you look at the way owning a car can help us achieve things very quickly, you will get to see the importance of having a car for your private, family or business use.

We hope this article help?


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